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Challenge statement

Out of Nothing is the story of four men who set out to break world land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. More than just a documentary about motorcycle racing, Out of Nothing is a story about the dreams we all chase. Produced by Ryan Stiles from Whose Line Is It Anyways and Two and a Half Men, the film's marketing material needed to convey an inspirational message while capturing the sheer cinematic scale of a documentary that breaks from the genre's conventional look and feel.



I joined the film at a unique stage in its production. Principal photography had wrapped, and the crew was preparing a to raise money for reshoots and editing. The producers were also beginning to market the film to festivals around the world, with the ultimate goal of acquiring international distribution with a reputable distribution company.

In addition to making an indie documentary look like a big-budget film, the biggest challenge was to create a look and feel for Out of Nothing using only a handful of images produced during the film shoot. I was brought on board after images had been taken and was asked to create new compositions with what was available.


I produced three posters to be released at key stages in film’s marketing campaign. The first poster acted as a teaser, and was used to brand the film on social media channels and Kickstarter campaign before the film was completed.

The second poster was a more traditional introduction to the racers featured in the film, and…

The third and final poster was the most descriptive to the film’s content, showing a bike speeding across the desert. This image was used at film festivals to quickly convey the film’s relevance to 




Out of Nothing went on to be incredibly successful, especially considering its small crew and budget. The film surpassed it’s fundraising goal on Kickstarter, successfully raising an additional $54,000 to finish production, including a $10,000 contribution from Charlie Sheen. 


The promotional materials I created also played a key role in helping the film get accepted into over X international film festivals, where it received X total nominations and won over X Best Feature Documentary awards.

international distribution


Finally, the film caught the attention of [X distribution company], who signed the film for release on ABC and…